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LYNX Strategic Business Advisors is an Egypt-based government relations and public policy consulting firm. LYNX is proud to have the most experienced and well-recognized public policy experts in Egypt, bringing decades of experience in policy-making, strategic assessment, policy analysis, and media. Our team has served at the highest levels of government, public policy, and business, providing counsel to heads of state, CEOs and corporate leaders on issues of policy, corporate strategy, government relations, and communications. Our principals have previously assumed positions of Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Development, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of International Cooperation, Legal Advisor to the Foreign Ministry and the League of Arab States besides numerous other positions in government as well as public and private sector. They are complemented by a team of professionals that bring a diverse array of expertise in government, academia, media and economic policy.

LYNX operates on the basis of a solid commitment to addressing our client’s strategic goals. Our services go beyond the transactional level in order to offer timely, relevant and rigorous assessment of the strategic challenges facing businesses in Egypt, with targeted solutions based on sound judgement and deep insight into the complexities of the policy and business environment. In doing so, LYNX brings a disciplined methodology to its practice. Knowledge and deep insight are the foundation of our advice. Rigorous planning is the basis of our government relations strategy.

Complex challenges require multi-disciplinary solutions. In today’s dynamic economic climate, the challenges facing businesses often lie at the intersection of the policy, regulatory, and media environment. This requires operating on a multitude of fronts with a diverse array of stakeholders both in and out of government. Navigating this complex environment is the hallmark of our approach. LYNX brings an ability to integrate a diverse array of services encompassing policy analysis, communication and messaging, and stakeholder mapping into a comprehensive solution targeted to our client’s strategic objectives. In addition to the diverse experience of our core team, LYNX is able to draw upon a select network of strategic advisors – firms and individuals- as well as partners whose specialized skills, knowledge, or relationships complement and enhance our core capabilities.

A commitment to excellence is the operating principle guiding our practice. LYNX is dedicated to offering our clients high-quality services based on an unwavering focus on achieving their strategic objectives. In all aspects of our advisory services, LYNX works hand-on with our clients – from assessment to planning to execution – with a focus throughout on a results-oriented approach. Analytical rigor, precision in implementation, and sound judgement are the qualities that we bring to our services.

Our Services

LYNX leverages its principals’ wealth of experience to provide high-value advisory services combining timely, relevant and rigorous assessment, with innovative targeted solutions based on sound judgement designed to address our clients’ strategic requirements. Our services are tailored to the client’s needs and priorities but are fundamentally structured around the following:


LYNX delivers insights that clients need to seize opportunities through in-depth understanding of the policies...


LYNX advises clients on means of positioning their companies as a trusted partner to Egypt. Our team provides insight...


LYNX supports foreign investors in pursuing strategic investment opportunities in Egypt. This includes providing advice...


LYNX enhances the client’s ability to refine its business and political message and conveyance to suit the local culture and business objectives...


LYNX tracks and identifies economic, policy and regulatory developments in the client’s sector of interest...

Our Team

Nabil Fahmy

Nabil Fahmy

Ziad Bahaa Eldin

Ziad Bahaa Eldin (Ph.D.)

Nabil Fahmy

Waguih Hanafi

Karim Haggag

Karim Haggag

Mohamed Hanafi

Mohamed Hanafi


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We value the role of talent in sustaining our success. We're interested in attracting talented professionals who are committed to excellence, who possess strong analytical skills, who can bring clarity to complex situations and are good problem solvers. If you're interested in joining our team, please send your resume to careers@lynxegypt.com.

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